About the Conference

Graph Theory can be used to model communication networks, data organization, computational devices and the flow of computation. Further, problems arising in social media, travel, biology, chemistry, computer chip design, and many other fields can also be handled by graph theoretic approach. The development of algorithms to handle graphs is therefore a major interest in computer science. Combinatorial problems arise in many areas of pure mathematics, notably in algebra, probability theory, topology and geometry. It also has many applications in mathematical optimization, computer science, ergodic theory and statistical physics. The combination of Graph theory and Combinatorics play a vital role in many real time problems. The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts and young researchers and provide platform for discussions on recent advances in the relevant research areas through invited talks and research paper presentation. The academic program of the conference will consist of  endowment lectures, invited talks and paper/poster presentations. This year, apart from endowment lectures and invited talks, it is planned to organize symposium on each day in specific topics like domination theory, coding theory and spectral graph theory. Invited talks on these topics will be delivered by the experts during each symposium. 

About the Institute

Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering (SSNCE) is the outcome of the vision and initiative of Dr. Shiv Nadar, Chairman, HCL Technologies and a pioneer in the field of Information Technology. The Institution stands out as a premier center of higher learning with a mission of pursuing excellence in education and research. SSN institutions, with its diverse and dynamic community of students offer a distinctive combination of some of the finest undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes. The campus has been interconnected through Wired as well as Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network. In addition, online access is provided to reference books and journals. This has enabled SSN Institutions to adopt innovative teaching & learning methodologies. The institution is certified with ISO and accredited by NBA. SSN has been consistently proving its class by retaining the top position among Anna University affiliated Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. The department of Mathematics has 17 faculty members with doctorates working on diverse areas such as Fluid Mechanics, Graph Theory, Fluid Dynamics, Coding Theory, Image Processing, Fuzzy Theory, Queuing Theory, Functional Analysis, Stochastic Process, Algebra and Topology. The department is a recognized research center of Anna University, Chennai and students are pursuing Ph.D programme.

For more information you can even visit these sites : http://www.ssn.edu.in/adma-school/ &   http://www.ssn.edu.in/adma-confer/